Summer Camp: Part 2, Day 3, and the Last Day of Work

Hello humans! I apologize for the absence of posting. I actually wrote this one up days ago, but due to an uploading error it got deleted and I haven’t had the time/heart to rewrite it until now.

Anyway, I have officially finished work and have been free for over a week now, basking in my freedom like an alligator in the sun.

The final result of the murals was quite unexpected; my co-teacher gave them the instructions to “decorate” the dinosaurs for their final day, and they certainly took that seriously.


Apologies again for the poor quality photos – the sun refracted terribly on my broken lens and even with editing a lot turned out dark/too bright. But bear with me and enjoy the quirky lizard kings!


My second favourite dinosaur was the pachycephalosaurus which ended up looking like a hooker complete with thigh-high leather boots, trampy tattoos, bling, and fake eyelashes. I was surprised they left out the hoochie lipstick.


Check dat bling.


Also what I assume is some kind of Rubik’s cube tat.


To add some normality came the perfectly placid egg nest done in delicate pastels.


But then came the T-Rex, decorated like some Mexican gangster in cross tattoos.


Also its baby, a product of the 21st century, was equipped with a cell phone.


Then there was the other wall, a lot more colourful and rainbow-y.


Though the picture doesn’t do it justice, this sauropod was beautifully dotted and done up in a vibrant underbelly.


Then of course there was my favourite, the hippie ankylosaurus with rainbow pride and basically anything and everything.


In the mania of decorative arts there did come some sloppiness that meant some bits fell by the wayside. Specifically the dragonflies, which ended up looking like blotchy projectile…err, well rude things that you might see in a bathroom.

Anyway I took things into my own hands and painted the dragonflies myself. Was quite pleased how they turned out.


After that, we did some dinosaur modelling out of clay, made ice cream, and finished the movie. When camp finished for good, I gave some of the kids who really liked my dinosaur figure demos from the week before my tiny creations. Except for the stegosaurus, cuz that was my favourite.


At last it was time to clean out my desk and say goodbye forever to Barry Potter, my pot plant. Quite heart wrenching, although I convinced my co-teacher to take care of him in my absence.

Goodbye, faithful plant.
Goodbye, faithful plant.

It felt weird to have it be so final. I said my farewells to the staff and vice principal (the principal being absent), and left Uam Elementary forever.

(I will not lie, I skipped for joy on the walk home.)

That night, my co-teachers and I went for dinner. It was very bittersweet, even though it wasn’t my last time seeing them, just because I realized how long it’ll be, if ever, until we see each other again. We took a picture to commemorate the event though.


And now freedom! I’ve been using my time to sleep, eat, nap, eat, draw, play video games, see friends and say goodbye, and sleep. It’s been very weird. While I feel I’m coming to terms with Korea – certainly feeling less hostile towards it – it’s strange to think that my very real daily life and existence here will soon become nothing more than “those crazy stories from my life in Asia”.

But for now, I’m going to go over my packing, continue saying goodbye, soaking in all the good times, and mostly hiding from the midday heat and humidity which is currently soaring to mid thirties (which feel like mid forties) complete with 50-100% humidity.

Hopefully now that I’ve got this post out of the way I’ll begin posting more regularly too.

Until next time!

3 thoughts on “Summer Camp: Part 2, Day 3, and the Last Day of Work

  1. My favourite part of art is the “decorating” after the base stuff is done…I get it! I loved all those tiny dinos…those lucky kids who got to keep them! I will cross my fingers that your co-teachers get adventurous and meet up with you in travels one day. You never know…life has the weirdest little things that happen. And I TOTALLY get the skipping away from it all 😀 (With joy!)


    1. So much joy ^ ^ and I hope those kids will remember me by those dinosaurs. They have so little creativity and whimsy in their lives, hopefully it’ll be a constant reminder of it.


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