Goodbye, Brain Twin

This past weekend I spent with Andrea in Wonju for our long overdue girly weekend. It was our last time together in Korea so we made it count.


Two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts were purchased (eaten between us two and Andrea’s sister, visiting from abroad), Tom Yum soup was made, What We Do In The Shadows was watched (nose-squirtingly funny), late night chats were had, a healthy fruit-filled breakfast was consumed, Vietnamese coffee was brewed, KD was nommed, and tarot cards were read.


It was really bittersweet to say goodbye since we don’t know for sure when we’ll be seeing each other again, but fingers crossed it won’t be more than a few months.

That said, the plan has now changed for Ricky and I; unable to get a working visa for Canada, Ricky and I are going to move to the UK on January 6th. So our goodbye is preemptive of a longer distance with only a few months of reunion in between.

Trying not to be sad about this.

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