A Week From Today, and the Adventures of Running Around With A Deadline

In exactly one week I will be on a planr bound for Canada.

Celebrating preemptively with Monster Pizza and a heinously expensive (but damn good) cider while saying goodbye to a friend who leaves tomorrow.


Spent the day running around selling stuff and posting desperately on the What’s For Sale In Cheongju Facebook page to liquidate Ricky and I’s estate.


Some of our chores took us downtown to shinae so we stopped by a sushi train place I’ve been wanting to try for ages.


Hidden away on a side street between the main boulevard and pedestrian strip, it offered a great deal for a salad entrée, sushi spread, and choice of soup for only ₩8,500. Extra plates from the train obviously were added on to the cost, but these weren’t too badly priced, ranging from ₩1,500 – ₩7,000, each colour coded for easy identification.

Honestly it was the most authentic sushi I’ve had in Korea and can’t praise it enough. DE-FUCKING-LICIOUS.


Although I went overboard and spent a lot by splurging on the extra plates, that was by my own sheer gluttony. I was too full to finish the soup that came with my meal set ultimately, meaning I could have spent a lot less than the ₩50,000 that it came to between Ricky and I.

I’d go again in a heartbeat if I wasn’t already strapped for cash and relying on my credit card to get me through the days, but for all y’all still staying in Cheogju this place is worth a visit.

Anyway, been exhausted with all this running around. Hopefully I’ll catch up on all my adventures soon, but it’s looking like the pressure just keeps increasing! Such is the way with international moves though I suppose.

Until next time.

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