The Mania of Selling, or Emptying Your Apartment Before Moving Out

Having never lived abroad for quite so long before – nor having had an apartment of my own in which to accumulate a ton of stuff – I’ve never had to deal with the process of getting rid of everything.

And let me say, having never been properly prepared to anticipate this moment, I’ve let myself accumulate a ton of crap.



Perhaps luckily, the foreigner community here is rather insular, meaning everyone knows each other and frequently checks the What’s For Sale In Cheongju Facebook page. Luckily for me, this means my last minute postings have managed to draw some bites. That and my spamming of the page.

Perhaps a bit of forethought would have been helpful though in that it would have meant I’d be doing much less running around in a jam packed and ever claustrophobic schedule. The thought of getting to Canada is more blissful than ever knowing that it’ll mean all this will be dealt with and over.

To keep track of everything, I’ve been keeping obsessive post-it notes on who’s buying what and when they’ll pick it up.


Not sure if this is keeping me sane or aiding in my madness but I think it’s helping get rid of it all and that’s all I care about now.

In other news, I got my phone’s camera lens fixed today! Check out how gorgeously sharp the last two photos are. Cost a pretty penny (β‚©49,000 or about $50), but I figured it would 1) be cheaper than in Canada, and 2) be fixed far faster than in Canada. I can’t necessarily prove the first, but certainly the second was true: it took barely half an hour.

For now though, I must go out and run to meet someone else to unload my beloved pink body pillow on them. May they appreciate it as much as I did.

9 thoughts on “The Mania of Selling, or Emptying Your Apartment Before Moving Out

  1. $50 phone repair in Canada? Clearly you’ve been gone to long, LOL. Say goodbye to cheap & efficient. And judging from your tracking system, you’re doing a good job re-homing your stuff. πŸ‘


    1. Hahaha yeah I feel like a major reverse culture shock is going to be in pricing XD been spoiled in the cost of living here, especially with the generous salary!


  2. You ARE organized!!! (The Charlie pillowcase comes home even if you have to wear it!!!)
    May I suggest a little sentimental idea for the stuff that you can’t find a home for? Leave bits of yourself/your stuff all over the city. Scatter the books and items in parks or restaurants and bus stops…all over so that they will be found by random people rather than tossed.


    1. Charlie comes with me wherever I go πŸ™‚ and that is a nice idea!! Although the weather would destroy most everything….but I do plan on leaving most of our books at a bar with a take one leave one shelf


  3. Oh, I feel your pain! We have just over 2 weeks left and have been spending the past few weeks selling things and posting all over Facebook too. Since we have a 2 bed apt, we managed to collect even more stuff 😦 But getting on to that plane, after all of the stress, is going to be that much sweeter.
    How long more until you fly out?


    1. We leave on the 19th, so about five days πŸ™‚ it all seems to be getting there slowly though which is a comfort! And eesh two bedrooms…yeah Andrea’s apartment is much larger than mine and she was despairing about how she’s going to rid herself of everything in a month from now too. Good luck with everything! Fighting!


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