Scouring and Goodbye Butter Chicken

After a night of a multiple hour long skype with my parents to calm me down from luggage weight freak outs, today was to be dedicated to gutting and scouring my apartment.

Since the mold incident, I’ve pretty much lived at Ricky’s. Over the past many months – and especially the last few weeks – I’ve been clearing it out. Not much was left in it today, so we figured it made sense to tackle cleaning and prepping it completely to get it put of the way so later we could focus on Ricky’s place.

Four hours later made up of wiping, scrubbing, windexing, bleaching, scalding, scraping, vacuuming, swiftering, tossing out, recycling, and tipping leftover kitchen products down the drain (not to mention a two-inch cockroach incident that I think I handled very well considering it was my first encounter with a live one), we left the apartment smelling of disinfectant and orange odorizer.

Naturally I was pooped after that but onwards to the bank we went so I could close my account and Ricky could exchange some Korean won for Canadian dollars. After getting thoroughly harrassed by a completely clueless member of staff who interrogated us in rapid Korean as to what our purpose there was, perpetually confused despite my phone translation app, we were patiently helped by a kind worker who instantly knew what we wanted from the exact same translation that perplexed the aforementioned employee.

With that we headed home in the blaring sun, sweaty and exhausted.

It wasn’t long though before we had to head out for a goodbye dinner for a friend moving (albeit this one within Korea, not abroad…we’re the last of the batch to leave Korea). That said this wasn’t the worst of excursions because despite being ready to drop I was also ravenous at this point and we were meeting up at my favourite Indian restaurant, First Nepal.


First Nepal is definitely up on my Miss List. Their butter chicken curry is to die for and it’s probably the only place I prefer butter naan to garlic naan, so drenched in warm rich melted dairy is it. And their samosas with spicy mint sauce are certainly something to write home about too.


The waiters are also the nicest people ever and know us all (well, we are frequent and hungry customers).


Decorated in pictures of Everest and woven hangings, it’s also a nice break from Korea. This is a restaurant with authentic non-Korean food – a pretty big deal in a country that makes all other ethnicities’ foods taste like kimchi and red paste.

Needless to say every time we go I am one of the first to polish off my food.


Hopefully the meal will be enough to energize me enough for tomorrow’s madness: the final day before our flight.

We solved our weight issues with the luggage by giving in and deciding to do another post office run which will be early tomorrow morning. After that, gutting Ricky’s apartment, cleaning it as we did mine, cancelling our cellphones, and picking up our long-neglected art supplies from the art studio (whose classes we stopped going to before last Christmas).

Let’s hope my body doesn’t seize up while I sleep…I can already feel the ache…

5 thoughts on “Scouring and Goodbye Butter Chicken

  1. Glad to know we’re a calming influence re the packing issues you face. All I can say is keep up the energy and pass out on the plane ride AFTER they pass out the free food and drink. Its only a 10-11 hours trip to Van and a long layover to get accustomed to the time change and the cool, sunny and pleasant (like me) weather there before flying East of the Sun and West into the Rain. The First Nepal food sounds absolutely yuumy!


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