A Bit of Ink

Today was a good day. Today I fulfilled one of my all-time high items on my bucket list. Today, at just 11 o’clock in the morning, I got my first tattoo.


“I will be free, even to the uttermost, as I please, in words.” – The Taming of the Shrew, Shakespeare

I wanted to get this tattoo before going to Korea, but because of negative outlook on them there I was advised against inking up prior to departure. In the last many months, however, perhaps driven to insanity in my cravings for self expression in the conservative nation of S.K. (as noted by the six piercings I got leading up to this most recent body modification), I’ve thought of nothing but getting the long put off tattoo I’d had designed before signing the EPIK contract.

Well now that I’m free, I marched down to Studio Artease for my appointment with the artist armed with an ink gun, Maery Morrison.

We’d met briefly three years ago when she’d first come up with my design, but she since has moved from her private business to a much larger studio decked out in awesome decor ranging from skulls and taxidermied creatures to Oriental style prints to a mounted traffic light. So much to keep your eyes occupied there.

Anyway this isn’t a full review since I didn’t get any pictures of the interior, but I wanted to just put in a good word for both the studio and my tattooist: the place is super welcoming, very English-friendly for Quebec anglophones like me, and extremely professional. It’s a bit off the beaten path being in Verdun, just two minutes from Metro Station De L’Église, but it’s not to be overlooked in the shadow cast by the more famous Montreal parlours of Adrenaline and Slicks.

Anyhow, I’m incredibly happy with my tattoo. I’m so ecstatic that I’ve finally taken the plunge – to the point that I’m worried I might get slightly addicted and get them in bulk like I did my piercings…hopefully the cost will deter me.

More adventures in Canada to come soon! I’ve been editing the photos so stay tuned.

Also I’m opening an Etsy shop shortly for my art prints, so please check them out on my Facebook page in the meantime (and give it a like while you’re there!) and you’ll get updated soon on when I make them available.


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