Etsy Shop Grand Opening

Apologies for the slack content, but it has all been for the greater good: I’ve been siphoning my energies into setting up my Etsy shop. And lo! It has at last paid off.

My Etsy store is at last OPEN!


So come on, drop by. Prints are only $15 – likely what you’d spend on a box of sushi, but far longer lasting and guaranteed to have a lifetime of viewing pleasure.


Take a look, don’t be shy! All prints are done with 100% recycled eco friendly paper so you’ll be showing your support to the enterprising green print shop, Montreal’s Rubiks.

Also for when I get famous and these are worth a lot, each piece you purchase is signed individually on the back.


Without further ado, here’s the link.

Share it with as much zeal as you would a freshly cracked jar of peanut butter.

Also don’t miss out on following my art on social media where I’ll have plenty more updates on the regular – and exclusive offers of original artwork for sale coming soon.

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And of course feel free to leave a plethora of comments to let me know what you think!

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