Thanksgiving: A Time For Reflection and Too Much Food

This Thanksgiving was great. Really. I’ve been looking forward to it for two whole years and it honestly didn’t let me down.


My family get together was actually Sunday rather than today, but as such it made for a good lengthy time to digest the colossal clump of food that congealed in my stomach while entertaining sedentary activities like pursuing my print endeavours.

I carved up a raven at Ricky’s suggestion sometime last week but neglected to ink it up until today. I cut up some paper in standard card sizes (I’m hoping to be able to sell these), squirted some paint seductively onto a smooth, fresh palette, and rolled out an even coating onto the woodblock. And lo!


I was really glad with how it went. Sure they weren’t perfect – white spots showed through where the paint just refused to be pressed – but I genuinely liked it more for that imperfection. The human element most valuable, I reflected, is in fact the flaws that showcase the handmade qualities we covet in an otherwise computer perfect world.

And with that revelation, I thoroughly found myself enjoying the process and seeing how each one could turn out unique. I hung them all up on the clothesline to dry and admire their individual splotches as they swayed in the breeze.


So encouraged by the success, I immediately started working on my next print.

This time I experimented with a rubber block instead of linocut. It was definitely interesting – I didn’t cut my thumb open from the carving tools like I did for the raven, so that was a bonus.

Evil carving tools...
Evil carving tools…

On the other hand, the increased malleability inevitably means increased risk of damage, so I did over-carve some bits by accident. Still, I think it turned out kind of nice.


And just to round off the day, I made a stamp logo for my work for trademarking.


So here’s to a productive day! I shall update when the new stamps have been tried and tested.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, friends.

PS. If you have any ideas for stamps, let me know; I’m keen to try all sorts of designs.

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