Otherwise Chronicles: Day 1

So I’m still chugging away at getting those London photos edited (I’m quite trigger happy when it comes to getting all my perfect travel shots). However the other day a dear friend of mine made an amazing proposition I couldn’t refuse.

Cesca lives all the way across the globe in the Down Under land of kangaroos and the Tim Tam slam. We met when I was doing my student exchange at the University of Wollongong and since then have bonded over many things – wanderlust and Doctor Who being the main culprits.

You, gentle readers, may even remember her from such posts as The Illawara Fly, Or Taking Advantage of Your Tourist Friends to Do All the Touristy Stuff You Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Doing Otherwise and the amazing Owl Crate I received.

An awesome fantasy book about London, Game of Thrones figurine, unicorn bandages, magnetic magical creature bookmarks, and a poster all in a box with an owl on it.

But what indeed was this glorious proposition?

We’ve decided to create a YouTube channel together.

It will be called the “Otherwise Chronicles” and will feature images and footage we capture during the course of our days. Mostly this is a way for us to keep in touch and see what a day in the life looks like for each of us in opposite hemispheres, but as much as anything it’s also about the launch of a partnership made to cultivate daily creativity.

Basically I’m just thoroughly honoured that she asked me to be her partner in this – not to mention a whole lot excited.

We’ll each be posting once a week – Cesca on Sundays and me on Wednesdays. If you wanted to see what we’ve been up to in between then though, I’ll of course still be on this blog and Cesca will be on her Instagram and Pinterest (she’s got a marvellous eye for photography so I very much recommend you follow/subscribe to her!).

So far the channel hasn’t had a chance to become all fancy, but if you bear with us I promise it’ll look stellar in no time and I’ll link to it as soon as it’s brag-worthy.

As of yet though, I’ve posted my first video. And considering it’s pretty much my first ever edited video, I’m rather pleased with the results. Always feels wonderful feeling stretching your legs in a new medium.

So for now, here’s a look at Hastings, the little seaside town I’m calling home for the next few months.

7 thoughts on “Otherwise Chronicles: Day 1

  1. I am beyond excited about this…such a BRILLIANT concept. I get a sampling of life from two hemispheres…letting me imagine I am wandering along with yous. These shall be my new favourite days of the week!

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  2. Not only do I want to follow this enterprise which will no doubt be interesting in its pictures and writing, I’m going to use it for inspiration to get back to my 10 year old “Neanderthal Chronicles” with renewed vigor. Indeed, I’ve been working on it for some time recently, but navigating through the platforms and software available has bollixed me time and again. But I’m making progress.

    So I am in awe of how you two can hit the ground running like this. Well done!


    1. It’s been a sprint…then a trip…then getting distracted by a good cafe and getting lost for a few weeks then remembering the marathon again haha. So take hope! I’m super glad you’re deciding to start up the Neaderthal Chronicles again! Must check it out 😀 may you have much inspiration and motivation!

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