London Part 1: Cable Cars

While I seem to take photos with infinite reckless abandon, my editing skills are not quite as speedy.

However I have at last edited enough that I can at last begin posting about my jam-packed adventures in London. Huzzah!

I’ll be doing them bit by bit since I have an abundance of photos but don’t want to overdo it. Also anticipation.

First off, we left Hastings at the heinous hour of 6am so that we could make the two hour drive to London (the Greenwich district) without getting caught in the even more heinous traffic. Once we arrived, it was straight off from the get-go.

We topped up our Oyster cards (for the Tube) and wound our way down the rail line until we were nearly in central London. But the “how” in getting there was our first treat: we were going to ride across the Thames on the Emirates Cable Cars.

2016 London January Cable Cars Line small
Emirates Cable Cars to bring us across the Thames in stlye.

Essentially like a super fancy chairlift, these sealed cars would gives us spectacular views from 300ft (90m) in the air for a 5-10 minute ride (felt like a lot shorter though it was so exciting).

2016 London January Cable Car Ready to Hope In small
The (thankfully) sealed car ready for boarding.

We boarded and had ample time for getting a good shot of us all keen for our fantastic weekend ahead.

2016 London January Tony's Photo Us in Cable Car
Ready for takeoff! Photo courtesy of Tony.

And once we were up we managed to take in some spectacular sights indeed.

2016 London January Cable Car Close Up small
Up in the air, and the beautiful view beyond.
2016 London January Cable Car Horizon small
The industrial shore.
2016 London January Millennium Dome small
The Millennium Dome.
2016 London January Ricky on Cable Car small
Craning necks to take in every angle.

All too soon it was over. A thoroughly worthwhile ride, however, and especially for a first time in London it was a pretty stylish entrance.

After that we made our way to the Tower of London – but I’ll save that for next post!

In the meantime I’ll let you shiver with antici-

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7 thoughts on “London Part 1: Cable Cars

  1. That is so cool – there were no cable cars in London when we lived in Surrey. The London Eye was the only way to get a view of the city from the air.


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