Otherwise Chronicles UK: Rain and Tea

A few technical issues later and I have a video only a half day late! Check out my newest upload to Cesca and I’s channel, The Otherwise Chronicles. If you haven’t seen hers already, check it out here – she’s amazing.

To see the first Otherwise Chronicles video, check out the links below.

Day 1 (roaming Hastings’ Old Town and trying cream tea for the first time)

2 thoughts on “Otherwise Chronicles UK: Rain and Tea

  1. Ghod what a sweet and adorable piece of video. Like a lullaby for an afternoon chill complete while listening to the pitter patter of rain on cobblestones. The music is thematically perfect as is the effect of an old film reel and the tonality of your voice. It certainly is relaxing to hear and see this after such a stressful day.
    I’ll be playing this several times.


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