A Trip to Boseong

Since leaving my EPIK position in September 2015, I’ve been doing a lot. A “lot” meaning wandering around from place to place, half of the time despairing about where my life is going, a quarter time visiting friends, and the last quarter time putzing around and dabbling in projects here and there. Reading books. Writing in my journal sporadically. Half-hearted sketches.

To catch up on where I’ve been the last two months: I spent 3 weeks in Rhode Island visiting Scott’s hometown with him. Meeting a lot of his old friends. Mostly relaxing at home watching Family Feud marathons and shouting answers at the television screen. Making ham and cheese sandwiches. Now I’m in Korea for the next 2 weeks (5 weeks altogether), hanging out at home and reading as much as I can. And mostly playing Eclipse.

A game of intergalactic dominance. Sometimes the games are split over two days.

I don’t think I can accurately describe the popularity of this game in my group of Wonju friends: “obsession” is the best word. It’s a massively complex game to learn, and when we first started out last year, a 4-player game could easily last 5-7 hours, especially during whiskey-fuelled late night parties. These days, a game of  4 can wrap up in about 3 hours. Still, with everyone’s work schedules, we sometimes have to break up the game over two days.

To do something a little different (and to go somewhere new), Scott and I took a weekend trip to the southern tip of Korea to see the Boseong Green Tea fields. It was the one place I’ve wanted to see in Korea that I missed the first time. The fields weren’t quite green, but I’ll take the cool, spring weather over a green view in scorching Korean summer any day.

I’ve been inspired by Marta’s Otherwise Chronicles Videos and decided to do a little video-making for myself this trip. Also, realizing that I take very little record of my life these days. Not many photos, no journal entries, no facebook updates, no videos, no art. So here’s a video.

3 thoughts on “A Trip to Boseong

  1. Wonderful to see you’re back, and surprisingly with different facial and hair properties. I will drink a cup of Green Tea and remember you. It’s good to know that you’re adventures are still in progress. That’s what life is all about. Cheers flintfootjourney and keep on trekkin’.


  2. This video-ing is delightful. I am loving the combos of text, photos, video footage and collage inserts of gifs that you guys use. Apart from that, this outing was wonderful to be allowed to share in…and I love that finale…and the way your hair shone in the light!


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