London Part 4: Mulled Wine and End of Day 1, or The Importance of Down-Time

Yes. Day 1 lasted so long I needed 4 blog posts to cover it. But you know what? That’s a trip done well.

Left to my own devices, I’m totally the bummy kind of tourist who halfheartedly researches things beforehand and then once there goes with the flow, wishy-washy and boho, but at the end of it is kind of like, “Huh, what did I actually do?” *looks furiously through photos to see if an itinerary can be uncovered*

So having this trip planned to the nines by someone else was, in short, spectacular. Over the three days I was to be there, our checklist got smashed. Like by Thor’s hammer.

Inevitably, we were all pretty tired after our early start and the full first day, so we headed to a pub to rejuvenate ourselves over some pints, tea, and mulled wine.

And it’s this rejuvenation that I want to focus on in this post: the importance of down-time.

2016 London January Gipsy Moth Pub small
Gipsy Moth pub where we rubbed some feeling back into our aching feet over some overpriced mulled wine.

When you’re abroad and have so much to see and so little time to see it, it’s easy to burn yourself out faster than birthday candles when they’re dripping wax all over your icing. (Seriously who designs those?)

To avoid becoming the tourist equivalent of a nasty melty waxed up cake, remember: TAKE YOUR DOWN TIME. Get up early, and when the sun starts to set, get some grub, kick your feet up, grab a drink with some friends and chillax. Try to get to bed before midnight even if it makes you feel like a grandma.

Because there’s nothing worse than having no energy to complete the rest of your to-see lists because you’ve used up all your stamina in one go. (No, this isn’t Skyrim: there’s no Potion of Vigorous Stamina to refill your green bar).

2016 London January Land Ship small
You don’t want to be a beached land ship (found this massive thing right outside the Gipsy Moth).

(On another note, it’s probably also a good idea to, in preparation for this trip, go for some long-ass walks before. Maybe throw in some cardio. But definitely spend a lot of time standing so your legs are in great shape to carry you all the places you need to go. Disclaimer: I did not do this. I regretted it sorely. Sorely being literal.)

So our down time consisted of the mulled wine, getting Mexican food in Greenwich, and then recuperating back at our hotel over some cider, ale, and sweet bottled drinks. We swapped photos that we’d snagged to see who got the best shot of *insert landmark here* and generally relaxed.

2016 London January Double Decker Bus Greenwich small
I was so proud to have snapped this photo – I tried to get a red double decker bus all day, and finally succeeded once all the way back in Greenwich: it was literally the last photo I took that day.

When we finally hit the sack at around 10 or 11 (we were having a 6am start), it was with the knowledge of a job well done – and the utter relief of vegetating in a horizontal position.

Considering we did almost twice the amount of walking the next day, our down time was well played. Well played indeed.

Stay tuned for London Part 5! We do more landmarks and have amazing adventures with lots more photos.

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8 thoughts on “London Part 4: Mulled Wine and End of Day 1, or The Importance of Down-Time

  1. I thought I recognized the name of the pub the ‘Gipsy Moth’ from long ago. It was the name of the famed sailboat(s) that Sir Francis Chichester single-handedly sailed around the world in the fastest time using the fast clipper route of sailing ships. The large beached land ship found outside the Gipsy Moth is a clipper sailing ship. The famously fast Cutty Sark. It is the restored original sailing vessel that for example plied the tea route from England to Australia and back. The Bluenose if you remember on the Canadian dime is a smaller vessel, a schooner, with 2 masts and sailing rigging different from square rigged clippers. Both were vessels used for trade and both considered particularly fast modes of transport.
    BTW a good blended Scotch Whiskey is named after the Cutty Sark, an adult beverage that has often graced my palate.

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