Otherwise Chronicles: Battle Abbey

I interrupt the London adventures once more for my latest Otherwise Chronicles video in which I explore Battle Abbey. Better known to most as the site of the Battle of 1066 in Hastings.

Except it’s not really considered part of Hastings anymore – “Battle” is the name of the town that’s come to grow in the surrounding area of the memorial abbey. It’s one of those really quaint, quintessentially British small towns and was just lovely to walk around. I took loads of pictures so that will eventually be a post of its own, but for now I hope you enjoy.

And just for trivia fun, at 1:42 is the field where the Battle of Hastings is considered to have taken place. However due to the fact that not one smidgeon of chainmail or broken bone has been found there, modern day historians are inclined to believe it took place at what is now a nearby roundabout. Go figure.

To see the rest of the Otherwise Chronicles videos so far, check out the links below.

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Day 1 (roaming Hastings’ Old Town and trying cream tea for the first time)

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