Watercolours by the Sea

Today was another beautiful day (seriously, who said the United Kingdom was permanently soggy??), so I decided to make use of the time and get some plein air art done.

I’ve been doing a lot of travel type sketches recently, though most of my subjects have been exotic photos off Pinterest. So I figured why not actually find some subjects myself since I’m out and about in the world anyway?

Halfway through my walk – stopping to sketch some rooftops through a gap overlooking the Old Town of Hastings.
Finished sketch. Done more quickly than my Pinterest sketches, so it’s less detailed, but still quite happy with it.

After a walk across the West Hill, I hit up the smooth pebbled beaches of Hastings where I wandered amongst the fishing boats. As far as I’ve been informed by those showing me around, Hastings is the last British seaside town that launches its boats from land. So instead of having a marina full of bobbing bateaux, they have them all beached when they’re not in use.

To get them into the water, classic yellow tractors that look as though they could have come out of a Tonka Truck sandpit of the 90’s drag them to the waves on a set “rail” of “tracks”. Basically round tubes they can sort of roll along without scraping up their hulls. Sounds like there could be easier ways to do it, but it makes for a very picturesque scene.

The tractor having pulled up the boat along with my sketch in progress.
Finished piece using ink, pen, and watercolour pencils.

The sun was beating down pretty hard, so I didn’t stay more than half an hour to do either piece and as such they turned out less detailed than I’d maybe hoped. Still, for my first plein air series since my trip to Vancouver in 2012 (or second if you count Cloudsley Tumbleweed), I’m pretty proud!

Definitely hope to do more in the future.

12 thoughts on “Watercolours by the Sea

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