Tweets and Instagramming and the Book of Faces

I’m nearly done with the blog refurbishments, and let me say it is a task both tedious and strangely satisfying.

It’s the seeing it all come together though that makes it ultimately so worthwhile.

In addition to all these blog renovations, Andrea and I have also decided to branch out and give Down from the Door a strong hiyah kick into the Internet world. Namely, we’ve decided to put ourselves up on social media.


We started with a Facebook page, since it seemed time to collect our bearings on this main platform, but then we started thinking bigger.

Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest??

While we’ve yet to actualize the latter, we’ve now officially set up the first two!

I’m trying hard not to spam Instagram with my backlog of travel photos (especially while Andrea’s abroad in Japan and sorting out downloading the app again), but it’s been so much fun to start putting up pictures that I sometimes find no place for in my posts.


As for Twitter, I must be the only person on the planet who hasn’t really used it already, so I’m stretching my wings on that front and would be oh so grateful if you guys came along and cheered on my awkward first flights.

More importantly though, this is giving us the chance to fully dive into the world of living abroad and traveling once more. So many opportunities to share what it’s like!

So let us know what you think of all these changes – we’re super keen to hear your opinion, whether it’s as excited as us, kinda meh, or if you think we’ve just done something more disastrous than a pirate shooting a cannonball into the bottom of their own boat.


Idle no more, and be gone with you to check out our links!


Instagram (@downfromthedoorblog)

Twitter (@downftdoorblog)

4 thoughts on “Tweets and Instagramming and the Book of Faces

  1. I love that you’re expanding…do for yourselves the things you suggested be done for the job you nearly landed a few months back…become everything you love to read and see yourselves! And then do it better and take it further! You two have fantastic talents in describing your adventures visually and in words…with humour and serious sharing. You tell it like it is with an honesty that is appreciated.


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