Otherwise Chronicles: Smuggler’s Adventure

I’m back on the posting wagon of the Otherwise Chronicles! Being new to the world of video editing, I’ve been finding it a little more intimidating and thus challenging to post each week, but I think I’ve at last found my rhythm.

Of course it would be just as my time here in the UK is ending…

Even though I plan on coming back as soon as my Austrian citizenship comes through (thus giving me the right to live work in the EU indefinitely), I want to do as much as I can on this segment of my British experience. Especially in the town I’m residing in.

In this spirit, I’ve finally gone to one of the town’s most famous activities of all – St. Clement’s Caves, all dolled up as a tourist attraction now known as the Smuggler’s Adventure.


It was honestly so much fun. I love exploring caves of any sort, and they’ve done a really good job at making it an interactive experience. They spanned the whole history of the caves from the 1950’s all the way back to the no-one-actually-knows-how-old-they-are. So learning! Very wow! Much fun!

Like with the previous Otherwise Chronicles segment at Battle Abbey, I also have a lot of photos for this. As of yet, they’re unedited, but expect a post all on its own in the near future where I go into more details about what this spelunking adventure was like.

[UPDATE: Post now up here.]

For now, here’s the video.

To see the rest of the Otherwise Chronicles videos so far, check out the links below.

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Train to Croydon (traveling by train to the outskirts of London)

Rain and Tea (brewing hot tea against the cold rain)

Day 1 (roaming Hastings’ Old Town and trying cream tea for the first time)

6 thoughts on “Otherwise Chronicles: Smuggler’s Adventure

  1. Lovely post! I also find that sometimes, participating in those super tourist attractions while travelling ends up being super fun. I used the same strategy to live in Europe indefinitely. Good luck and hope it all works out! It’s worth the paperwork and patience.

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