Sketching the Net Houses

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, and not having many days left sunny or otherwise, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. I headed down to the seaside and plopped myself down in front of a Hastings classic: the net house.

Sketch on location by the net houses.

Used to hang and repair fishermen’s nets, these are iconic to the people of this town. They’ve even built a row of new condos done in the same dark brown boarding to match (though these look far less weathered).

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I tend to get antsy if I sit for too long so it can be hard to get what I would call a finished piece, but this time I plugged into my most recent audio book (A Brief History of Seven Killings) and spent a good hour and a half.

Fairly pleased with the result – might be my best one yet.

Finished net house drawing. Particularly proud of the rooftops (everything has yellow lichen growing on it here from the damp).

I’m hoping to get down to the seafront again soon, but today was gale-force windy and tomorrow is supposed to be freezing so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

In other news, a very happy birthday to the Queen who is 90 years old today!

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