Hanushka Cafe in Hastings

Yesterday Ricky and I decided to head to the Old Town of Hastings to enjoy some local caffeine. George Street is lined with quaint shops, fancy dining, some pubs (of course), and enough cafés that we walked the full length of the strip to pick and choose where we’d try.

There were some cozy ones that caught my eye, but as soon as we came upon Hanushka Coffee House it was clear there was no competition.


The reason?


The whole interior is lined floor to ceiling with book shelves.

I’ve passed Hanushka before – even peeked in the dark window when it’s been closed – but part of me didn’t believe they were actual books. Wallpaper I thought. Because that’s just too good to be true.


But we stepped inside and were met with the absolute authentic bookworm aesthetic.


It was super small with tables and eclectic unmatched chairs crammed against each other, but it felt immediately like wrapping yourself in a sweater woven out of a library. It felt like the England I’d always imagined when daydreaming about my future travels there.

Being Britain, it wasn’t too loud. Instead it was buzzing with the quiet murmur of conversation. Everywhere people had a book or two they’d taken off the shelf to peruse over their americanos and nibbles.

Luckily Ricky and I snagged one of the last available tables. We claimed it by hanging our jackets off the backs of the chairs and then headed to the counter to order something tasty.


They’ve got your typical coffee choices, a selection of artisanal teas to make David’s Tea jealous, sandwiches, cakes, and even wine for the classy crowd.

Considering how nice it was, we were surprised when two lattes, a caramel square, and a sticky toffee cheesecake cake to only £8.90, or roughly $17 in Canadian. We’d spent double that easy at the other cafés we’d been at in the last few weeks.

More importantly? It was super delicious.


We relaxed and chatted, feeling all warm and fuzzy. Every so often we ran our fingers along the spines of the books beside us. Birds of the World, The Guinness Book of World Records 2001, and the entire set of Encyclopedia Britannica in a neat row.


We stayed so long, we even ordered more drinks. I got to try one of their lovely herbal teas with rose hip and apple. Came in a lovely personal sized pot with three cups worth inside. I think it was only £1.80.


It was such a lovely place, and if we hadn’t been heading to dinner with plans to meet friends afterward, we could have easily stayed for hours longer.

It’s not always open, but if you want to drop by it’s definitely in business Saturday afternoons. Perfect place to chat with friends or even just treat yourself to a date with a book. I can’t recommend it enough!


5 thoughts on “Hanushka Cafe in Hastings

    1. Someone needs to get on that 😉 although I did see a fashion line on the runway where clothes were based on/included books. …Didn’t actually look that comfortable taken literally lol

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      1. I want the cakes and teas and coffees and books and the PLACE! I will let them keep the sausages…not good for my cholesterol and liver.

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