What Is This, Canada?

Was going to go down to the seafront and draw today. Woke up to sunshine and blue skies!

But by the time I got ready and stepped outside, I saw these clouds and noped outta there.


A few minutes later, it was raining.

A minute more and it was snowing.


I’m not even joking. I really wish I was…sheesh, can’t escape it no matter where I go!

…So I stayed in and played Red Dead Redemption instead. Honestly I’m running out of games! Finished Skyrim, Uncharted, Far Cry Primal, nearly done Red Dead…weather better turn soon. I need to get in my last minute sketching around town before I leave.

On that note, I head home for an indefinite period one week from today. Without Ricky. So any advice you guys could give me on how to survive the long distance relationship would be greatly appreciated.

Until next time!

10 thoughts on “What Is This, Canada?

  1. Not the same, for sure, in many ways, but Karen and I were separated by circumstances that made the miles between us further than most might think. And, yes, you two are ten generations younger than us … still here are a few thoughts:

    Not only do you have to trust each other, but you have to actively trust, meaning try not to let a poor choice of words, whether written (dang, the written word is, as you know, so subject to interpretation without having inflection and whatnot to go by) or spoken, trigger your imagination in a not fun way.

    I’ll just cut to the chase: I think, and I believe Karen agrees, that you have to love someone so much that their happiness is paramount (including their finding a greater love – you must truly believe this) … and if they love you the same way, then everything will work out for the best.

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    1. …though I think in this case the plea of how to survive is not so much about trust, but about how to go without the physical, comforting presence of the other when you have lived together this long, and spent SO much time in each other’s company, sharing thoughts, emotions, food…the works. The eyes not having a screen between. The touch being real. How to get through the withdrawal of someone woven into the fabric of your days and nights.

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  2. invent a Skype wherein you don’t just feel like you are there…you ARE there…we need an upgrade to a teleport-type


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