Otherwise Chronicles: Catch 22

One of my all time favourite things here in the UK has been the fish and chips. Or more specifically, the saveloy and chips – saveloy being a jumbo sized sausage that’s kind of just a hot dog.

To do justice to my time here, I’ve filmed the sacred process of going to the chippie and indulging in some delicious curry-sauce covered calories. It’s seriously a love story. Going to miss this so much when I’m in Canada…

To see the rest of the Otherwise Chronicles videos so far, check out the links below.

Smuggler’s Adventure (learning about smugglers in a cave)

Battle Abbey (exploring the historic site of the Battle of Hastings)

Cliff Walk (checking out Beachy Head)

Ink, Books, and Words (taking time out at home to do my favourite things)

Train to Croydon (traveling by train to the outskirts of London)

Rain and Tea (brewing hot tea against the cold rain)

Day 1 (roaming Hastings’ Old Town and trying cream tea for the first time)

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