Keeping Crafty: Jagalchi Woodcut pt. 2!

Today I started carving! This image will be printed in 3 colours, thus 3 wood boards will be used. I’m using the wood planks I bought for ¥70 ($0.80 CAD) at Tokyu Hands.

I’m not sure how good the quality is, as far as wood carving supplies go, but it was more than enough for a beginner like me! It has two thin layers of pine (?) on either side of particle board.




Wood is a lot trickier than rubber. For one, the wood splinters. Very satisfying when you crack off a big piece, not so satisfying when it rips off an important part with it! Second, it’s MUCH harder to carve smooth curves. The knives need so much more force to cut! I’m glad I shelled out for wood carving tools  (very cheap and easy to find in Korea) rather than bludgeoning my linoleum cutters for this project.

The benefits? I’d say the crispness of the line. I think the type of image I decided for this project did not complement the material well. Too much white space.



Test pull. A little messy, but the positioning is bang on! Pretty happy with the result.


Just one piece left: the black outline! My joints are so sore I feel like a 90 year old typist with arthritic carpnal tunnel. Stay tuned for the final result! (Hopefully tomorrow!)

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