Keeping Crafty: Lino Sketch – Hands Pulling Rope

After my experiment with woodcut printing, I’ve decided to practice some more with linoleum. Lino has more in common with woodcarving than eraser carving, so it’s been a worthwhile extension of my self study!

One thing I’ve noticed about my personal drawing style is an attraction to clean lines. I’m drawn to colour blocking, cross hatching, and bold pop art kinds of graphics. Some examples:



This stems from my childhood/teen years drawing reams of anime fanart and original characters. That bold flatness of anime art has always stuck with me. So, in an effort to broaden my horizons, today’s lino was an exercise in mass. Thinking in terms of light and shadow, not line and fill. Definitely a Westernizing of my usual habits.






I really, really love the results of this ink on linoleum. I’m sorry I doubted you!! I’m very satisfied with how this turned out.

Now I’m down to my last two pieces of linoleum, but heading to Seoul tomorrow, which means a resupply mission! Hurray!

Thanks for following! More prints are coming!

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