Putting Down Roots

In slight thematic continuation of yesterday’s post on making the best of things while I’m in Canada, I’ve decided to put down some roots.

Rhubarb roots, specifically.


About a week ago, I accompanied my parents to the garden centre where I found a lovely rhubarb plant. For some reason, despite my green-thumb-deficiency, I got it in my head a few months back that I want to have a vegetable garden when I settle down somewhere. Even though I kill every bit of flora I lay hands on, there’s something appealing about the idea of growing my own food and coaxing sprouts to unfurl from the earth.

Canada isn’t exactly where I’m settling forever, but I’m here long enough that I figured I’d give it a shot. Well, my thoughts at the garden centre went more along the lines of, “I love rhubarb compote!!”, but still. I do intend to tend tirelessly to this plant until I hack it to bits…

There were some rains predicted for today and the weather’s been properly warming up, so I figured now was the best time for it. With the help of my mom (aka my mom mostly did it), I planted my rhubarb.

I’ve named it Randy.

Only bad news is that after looking up online about rhubarb plant care, it turns out that you can’t harvest the stalks until about three years after it’s established itself. Those are roots a little longer than I anticipated, so Randy’ll have to pass into the care of my family when I’m gone and I’ll nick some harvested stalks from my grandparents instead (if that’s okay with you, Omi and Opa!).

But in the meantime I’m quite pleased at the prospect of caring for this plant over the summer.

(In other news I really miss having pets around…Clouds! Harry!).

5 thoughts on “Putting Down Roots

    1. They said wait for the stalks to get to be a few feet long so it still has some growing but we’ll see where it’s at by the end of the summer!


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