Keeping Crafty: Seaside Reduction Cut pt. 1

I’m back with a fresh supply of linoleum and printing ink! This is a reduction print of a rocky shoreline.


These past two weeks, I’ve been helping Alex run a cafe, his project for the month. I’m in charge of food prep, but since business has been slow, it leaves me plenty of time to print!


In Seoul, I bought a few small tubes of Speedball water-based printing ink. I was loathe to buy too many, since I’ll be flying home in two weeks, and figured I could always use the Speedball ink in combination with the Sakura ink. The results, however, were not too consistent.





Apologies for the crinkly paper and shadowy lighting. When you’re away from all your supplies, you work with what you’ve got!

I have just two steps left to this print: rocky cliffside and grassy clifftop. I think I would like to try oil based inks once I get home, for a more reliable print.

Stay tuned for the final result!

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