Friends: Why Coming Home Always Has Bonus Points

So this might be kind of obvious, but one of the best things about coming home after being abroad for a long time is seeing your friends again.

Sure you can make a lot of bosom buddies on the road – and often those can be intense, fast friendships that last a long time. But nothing beats coming home to the place you grew up in full of the people who knew you through your awkward years and still love you despite that.

Like slipping on those comfy jeans you broke in ten years ago, or that hoodie from college you don’t want to get rid of because it covers all your lumpy bits, seeing your core group of buds feels just right.

Naturally, with this in mind, I’ve been wasting no time in seeing everyone I can. I’ve been able to see my best friend from high school probably more times in the past two weeks than I have done in the last five years combined – including hiking this past weekend.

2016 Hiking Mont Saint Hilaire View From Lookout small
View from a lookout on Mont Saint Hilaire from my hike.

And as for my college friends, I set up a get together dinner for as soon as I could.

Yesterday, this latter group and I hit up Sushi Crescent, one of my favourite all you can eat sushi restaurants, and on came those emotional best-pair-of-jeans-ever.

Sushi Crescent, on Crescent Street just off St. Catherine’s in Montreal.

There’s something comforting about touching base with people you’ve known for ages. And it’s especially good for the soul if you’re a wanderlusting vagabond like me. Travel is awesome and I don’t think I’d ever be able to give it up, but it can get in your head a bit and make you feel all over the place.

So to hear from good friends about their different life adventures is always grounding. If they’re also bent on travel, then finding out about their planned trips is motivating. If they’re staying in one place for a while, then it’s exciting to learn what headway they’re making in their life’s pursuits.

I can’t say how many dishes we ordered, but enough to thoroughly cover some much needed catching up. Certainly to give me my fix of discussing literature and music that I’ve been craving (not to mention the salmon sashimi).

Salmon Roses at Sushi Crescent: one of my all time favourite foods in the world.

Possibly even better than sushi though was our decision to go play miniature golf. If there’s one thing I love about my friends, it’s that they’re always game for something quirky and different. The weirder the better.

This particular brand of weirdness happened to be just across from my old university, Concordia, and goes by the name “Putting Edge”. Black lit and decorated with increasingly cosmic glow-in-the-dark and trippy designs, it felt like legally taking acid for $11.49 + tax.

Putting Edge – miniature golf outside of Concordia University.

And, ultimately, the true test of friendship is no one caring if you smack them with a golf ball launched with an unnecessary amount of force.

Some of the set ups were really tricky…

In all, I’m so happy I’m able to hang out with my friends again. There’s really no substitute in the world and I’m cherishing every moment.

If there’s anything to make this the best summer in a long time, it’s them.

3 thoughts on “Friends: Why Coming Home Always Has Bonus Points

  1. All so true! Old friends already know the backstories of our lives…so that one can focus on being together and create even more memories that add on to the reasons they are such comfy friends.
    It looks like you hit a wonderful mix of outdoors, food heaven and funky fun to add extra flavor to the time spent with each other 😀

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