Keeping Crafty: Seaside Reduction Cut, Finale!

Today I’m back in the studio – aka the local coffee shop. It’s a miracle they never kick me out for the mess (Though I do my best to keep things tidy)! I’m a little choosy with my coffee shops – the table to chair height ratio needs to be just right, plugs available for my phone, the bathroom is freely accessible  (asking for the key every time I need to rinse my roller is a pain in the butt!), and they need to have good herbal teas on ice.

Today’s final step for this reduction cut: adding the grass.





I’m quite pleased with this print! Considering the space and tools I had available to me, it turned out pretty good. With my full set of tools, it will be even better!!

Thanks for following!

4 thoughts on “Keeping Crafty: Seaside Reduction Cut, Finale!

  1. I think I missed a step when the cliffs were added…but LOVE love Love these! That photo of you holding the green grass is super…such nicely done grass. All the colors together work beautifully as a final effect.


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