Otherwise Chronicles: Jack in the Green

It’s May 22nd and that means I’m over three weeks late in getting up a promised post about May Day in Hastings. They celebrate the coming of summer like no other place – with Jack in the Green, a three day pagan festival with dancing, drumming, and a parade to march the Jack to the top of a hill where it is slain to release the spirit of summer.

So far I’ve probably spent about six hours on editing photos, and I’m maybe halfway through. Fingers crossed for maybe next week, but in the meantime I’ve managed to put together another Otherwise Chronicles video as a teaser for a more developed post.


To see the rest of the Otherwise Chronicles videos so far, check out the links below.

Double Dragon (a peek inside one of my favourite English pubs)

Catch 22 (a fish saveloy and chips adventure)

Smuggler’s Adventure (learning about smugglers in a cave)

Battle Abbey (exploring the historic site of the Battle of Hastings)

Cliff Walk (checking out Beachy Head)

Ink, Books, and Words (taking time out at home to do my favourite things)

Train to Croydon (traveling by train to the outskirts of London)

Rain and Tea (brewing hot tea against the cold rain)

Day 1 (roaming Hastings’ Old Town and trying cream tea for the first time)

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