Great Success!

I got myself a job today! I’m officially going to be at a call center (not telemarketing, just offering services on secure financing). It’s 40 hour weeks, 9-5, and I can say I’ve never quite been so excited about working in a cubicle.

Yay money!

And just because I’ve been living off savings for the last many months and have been good not indulging in anything, I decided to celebrate a little bit.

Whisky, macaroons, bath bombs, face creams, hair treatment…good stuff.

First things first, I set up a phone contract, so I can actually use my phone as a phone not just a palm sized supercomputer. But after that I was a bit bad and did some luxury shopping at Lush. And got some macaroons. And some honey whisky.

Sometimes though you just have to pamper yourself. (Although definitely not all the time…self-love can wrack up the receipts pretty quick!)


On top of that, after I’d luxuriated in the bath for an hour listening to a new audiobook (Wild by Cheryl Strayed – one I’ve been meaning to read for a while), I got an email from one of the video game testing companies saying I passed their screening test and got the job with them too.

Considering the call center both pays more and has more reliable hours, I’ve turned down the latter – but hey, two job offers in one day? Looks like I had no reason to worry and complain in my previous post.

Cap off the night with a Brain Twin Skype and some Goodnight Sweetheart and I’d say this has been a very successful day indeed.

+1 Adulting skills acquired.

7 thoughts on “Great Success!

  1. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey … yum. My brother and I were at his distillery in Lynchburg roughly around the time they were bringing this product to market. Oddly, and perhaps you know this, you can’t buy any Jack Daniel’s liquor in the town or county that the distillery is in. It’s a dry county with no hope of changing that anytime soon since (this is what I recall) it doesn’t have enough residents to vote themselves un-dry. Weird law, but there are weirder in the U.S. Oh … we keep a supply of it at all times at the ready, so if you ever wander down this way … . Perhaps you can talk your mom into a day trip?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’d think that samples would be available at the distillery, but then again you’d be wrong. Aaarrrggghhh!

        One more quick note about the distillery. Jack had a big old iron safe that he often had trouble opening. He was so frustrated one day that he kicked it. Broke his toe. Infection set in. And he died as a result.

        Oh … and Old Number Seven. There’s no significance to that name. They (or just Jack) decided it sounded cool (or whatever meant “cool” back then.


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