Keeping Crafty: Witchy Cat Linocut Draft

With all the packing, mailing, and goodbyes this week, I haven’t had much time to print. The upside, though, is that I can really take my time drafting my next design!


I had a general idea of the kind of mood I wanted this image to take, but no idea how to achieve it in the details. I once asked Marta what her method was to practicing a new medium, and she said: looking up artists that you like, and straight up imitating them.

It’s ingrained in our perception of art that all works should be wholly original. But she’s right – every child learns by imitation. What 10 year old hasn’t traced their favourite cartoon character? So, I swallowed my ingrained instincts and began to study. And by study, I mean scour the far reaches of Pinterest and Google for images of cat lino prints, and catalogue what I liked. What a found was a surprising variety of style and technique.

‘Vintage Cat’ by Lisa Kesler
‘Mousing’ by littleRamstudio
232 0031
‘Cat and Ball of Wool/Play with Me’ by Edward Bawden
Cat Portrait by Adam Regester

I was slowly approaching the style I wanted in my imagination, but couldn’t visualize. Something dark, blocky, flat, and almost occult. And that’s when I stumbled upon Brynn Perrott, aka Deerjerk.

A creative portrait of feline internet sensation Lil Bub

Discovering a new favourite artist is like finding a blooming garden hidden in a forest, with mystical golden sunshine flooding over it as an invitation from the heavens. I love Perrott’s eccentric, vintage-tattoo-inspired linework, and the use of black space in each block. The distressed wood background adds a broody classiness to the whole thing, and the wood’s texture perfectly complements the knife marks of the block. I’m obsessed!

As a result of all this research, I’ve compiled a very useful catalogue of styles to try in my own design!


I won’t have time to carve at all before I leave for Canada, but I’m very eager to and will be adding to my black and white sketches on the plane!

4 thoughts on “Keeping Crafty: Witchy Cat Linocut Draft

  1. Fantastic! I approach things this way also…researching other artists. And I get SO excited when I discover a new favourite to add to my list of inspirations. When you look at their work it makes you want to create. Copying art used to be one of the prime methods of teaching…it made you study techniques very closely in order to understand it enough to reproduce it. No shame in learning by copying. May you continue to be inspired!


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