Early Birthday Presents, or Choosing To Be Healthy

A few months ago I asked if I could get an early birthday present this year: a pair of running shoes.

My birthday is at the end of the summer, and while it’s not too long to wait temporally speaking between now and then, I really, really wanted to have some for the warm season. Especially with my increasing desire to be active and get in shape, I felt this could not wait.

Well, despite this being my dad’s birthday weekend, he surprised me yesterday by suggesting we go look at getting a pair today. Super excited, I said yes without hesitation. It was off to Sports Experts for us this morning, and with the help of a family friend/adopted brother I grew up with who works there, I found a pair I fell in love with in no time.

My beautiful running shoes ❤

They’re so lovely I could weep.

I also grabbed a gel padding seat cover for my bike as mine has been giving my tailbone a hard time now that I’m doing longer distances, and a pair of cycling gloves to stop the blisters that have been forming on my fingers. I entirely intended to pay for these latter items myself, but my dad surprised me by adding it to my early birthday gift.

I genuinely almost did weep then with gratitude.

So I feel super prepared and professional now in my fitness pursuits. I’ve lost a little weight since coming back to Canada, but not enough to make much of a dent: just enough to keep me motivated to continue.

I’m really excited to get into jogging finally. I’ve tried on a number of occasions with no great lasting success, but this time around I’m going to take it slow. My cycling is enough to take care of my necessary workouts, so I’m going to add on running as an extra; build up my stamina bit by bit as a training exercise. It feels good not having to rely on it alone for getting fit, but rather as a personal goal that I’m doing because I want to add it to my skill set. Less pressure for sure.

Anyway, this may not seem like it has anything to do with travel directly, but to relate back to the theme of this blog, I’ve found more and more that keeping a healthy lifestyle is super important for travel.

Not only does it mean you can keep up physically with the activities on the road (be it ziplining, surfing, or just being able to walk all day without being wiped), but eating nutritiously, sleeping at regular hours, and building up your immune system all help in allowing you to get the most out of your experience. It’s definitely happened to me more than once that after having a great start of intensive touring, I need to veg out for the rest of my trip and take it easy because my body begins to rebel.

At least personally speaking, I’m trying to do all these things so that the world is my oyster. I don’t want to be limited by physical barriers when those barriers of my own, lazy creation. I’ve got my biking, kayaking, and now running. (Maybe I’ll even invest in the Zombies, Run app!)

Thus, may I stride – nay, jog – into a healthier lifestyle. Wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “Early Birthday Presents, or Choosing To Be Healthy

  1. It is a gift to yourself to feel at your personal best so that you have the energy and alertness that accompanies being healthy. This way you lose the groggy, lackluster fatigue that can ruin any experience, and stay on top of it, ready to go…aware of wonderful details that could easily be overlooked. Good for you for being good to yourself!

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