Good Morning, Chambly! Afternoon, Montreal!

Since I had so much spare time yesterday after going in early for my commute, I figured today I’d leave a little later and make time for a morning jog.

I’d come home yesterday with full intention to go running…but what with the heat, the winding down of first-day-adrenaline, and just general fullness from two meals and a ton of water in my system, I really couldn’t do it.(Seriously, how do night joggers do it?) Plus my legs were super crampy.

I granted myself the day off.

But today. Today! Today, I decided, was full of possibilities.

I got up at a quarter to six, laced up my running shoes, and went for a jog before my brain could wake up enough to start thinking better of the idea.

2016 Sunrise in Chambly Over Josee's House small
5:45am…so early whadamaidoing…

I was pretty tired, and so it was actually a tougher workout than my first time surprisingly, but I did feel pretty good for having done it. Plus I didn’t need to think about it for the rest of the day – just bask in its lovely energizing benefits.

What’s more is I got to work still with time to spare. So I’m thinking I could even push my wake up until 6am, which I’m not complaining about.

One thing the jog helped with more than anything is it gave me a sense of self-encouragement again. I was satisfied with how things went yesterday, but still very shakey. My confidence inevitably rocked as it always is when learning new things and being vastly mediocre at them.

So having some time to myself in the morning, just me, my sneakers, and the first bright rays of sunlight…I felt restored to a place of balance. I honestly never thought I’d be one to equate exercise with anything other than pain, agony, and gasping for breath, but it cleared my head (albeit with some cramping because it seems that just comes with the running package for me).

Feeling a bit better when I got back home, I headed off to work with my earphones plugged into more Wild. Having an audiobook to listen to gave me almost the same experience as running. It took me outside myself and gave some perspective. By the time I made it into work, I knew that I could do this.

View of Mount Royal from my office building, top floor.

And do this I did.

I’m feeling so much better about the job than I did yesterday I almost don’t feel like the same person who fell asleep worrying about it last night. I even managed to deliver my first statement – to the supportive applause of my coworkers (for perspective, the expectations were for me to get one statement in the whole of this week).

I have to say I am very much exhausted by tonight, but I’m just taking it easy and turning in early. (Bed, oh glorious bed!)

Until next time!

3 thoughts on “Good Morning, Chambly! Afternoon, Montreal!

  1. You’re putting the worst behind you…when the beginning is done you only get stronger. The cramping will lessen as your breathing becomes rhythmic. And you will be able to go longer and feel REALLY great. You will be amazed at the feelgood those endorphins will release into your system once this becomes habitual. The running seems to be on a parallel with the job. That is cool. I hope everything brings positive benefits and makes you feel wonderful.

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