Reunion of Martandrea: Thus Food Ensues

Two days of missed posting?? Neither of us available to share a daily adventure? Can only mean one thing.

Martandrea are back together!

It’s been five months and one of the longest times we’ve ever been apart. In fact it might be the longest time we’ve been apart period since we’ve known each other. In any case, it was cause to celebrate. And what else with?


Andrea’s mom’s famous blue steak.

After the initial catching up and motormouthing that we did, we convinced Andrea’s mom to pick up some steak. You know when I said there are few things in this world I love more than Quebec strawberries? Her steak is one of those things.

Seared on the barbecue just long enough to make it juicy and blue (not even rare is good enough for me anymore now I’ve tried it this way), it’s every bit of heaven that could possibly exist on a plate.

I’ve been craving it for three. years.

Once the whole family was in a stupor of meat sweats, Andrea and I retreated to the basement where we talked all night until passing out. (I have to say it was a blissfully deep sleep such as can only be had after a first week working 9-5).

Usually Andrea’s a total night owl and I’m the early bird, but for once she was up before me (with the help of jetlag). We took our time making a leisurely breakfast of fresh baked bagels, cream cheese, and smoked salmon so buttery it melted in your mouth.

I could live off this. This needs to exist more places in the world.

We sat in the backyard under the shade of the trees listening to songbirds, the wind, and the strumming of Cherry Baby, Andrea’s soprano ukulele as we experimented with different songs.

It’s times like these that I appreciate Canada for what it has to offer: large detached properties with lots of privacy and greenery – so much it almost looks like you have your own personal patch of woodland sometimes.

View from Andrea’s backyard – the greenery of Canadian suburbia.

And because it was Andrea’s sister’s birthday, we had to go our for lunch.

Our bagels digested, we headed to L’Academie, an awesome French/Italian chain restaurant that serves some mouthwatering pasta, grilled dishes, and seafood.

Missing the seaside Hastings quite a lot, I ordered some mussels in a white wine, cream, and leek sauce. So filling and rich…but it was a day/weekend of celebration all around.

Extra plump mussels in a delectable cream sauce…straight to the arteries!

I was so stuffed I couldn’t even finish the mussels…which wasn’t good because we were due to go to a family dinner just three hours later.

We decided to go for a bike ride in the interim, hoping to work up an appetite. Alas, not even that prepared us for the barrage of dish after dish of authentic Chinese food at Chinatown’s greatest, Ruby Rouge. I decided to just go for it though and ate my way through every plate that was passed my way. Even got a chicken foot which I haven’t had in forever.

At this point so stuffed I could barely roll let alone walk, but walk we did. Passing through Chinatown made me unspeakably nostalgic for the streets of Asia. What’s more is a whole new bunch of places have recently popped up/been renovated. Even caught sight of a Buhn Mi place which might just satisfy my Vietnamese food cravings!

Passing through Chinatown – could almost be a nondescript street running through Cheongju’s shinae.

Andrea and I profusely promised ourselves we needed to come back with our cameras for a few photo outings. If you’re into photography, Montreal’s Chinatown is one of the most photogenic places you can go.

Not long after, we arrived at the car and started in the direction of home.

That is until we came across an amazing street festival happening all along Mont Royal in Montreal’s Plateau.

Street Festival running the length of Mont Royal.

All cars were blocked off leaving a broad pedestrian promenade with vending tents set up in front of all the shops so they could display their wares out of doors. There were clothes and shoes; DVDs and music; boho banners and outdoor grills.

Andrea and I stopped for a long time at a used book shop’s tables, browsing a beautiful selection of literature, history books, and art collections. I managed to find a book of Isaac Asimov’s collected essays which I’d never seen before – complete with prefaces by Carl Sagan, Arthur C. Clarke, and more celebrated science/sci-fi thinkers.

One of the many quirky shops lining Mont Royal and joining in the street festival, Paul’s Boutique: excellent for record collecting.

The festival went down so far we didn’t even get halfway down before we needed to call it a night. As we headed back to the car (for real this time), we even passed a poetry reading tent. The event was sadly long over, but it had us crooning over the awesomeness that is Montreal in the summer all the same.

I may be really sad to be gone from the UK and parted from Ricky, but if I had to face such unpleasantness, then it might as well be here. God knows there’s enough to keep you distracted.

If you’re curious, I found a link for some of the street fairs happening in Montreal over the next few months on this website. And those aren’t even including the big festivals like Just For Laughs, Fantasia Film Fest, Fashion Week, and Jazz Fest. Andrea and I are going to do our best to go to as many of these as we can.

So look forward to plenty more pictures – we’ll be more prepared next time.

And in the meantime, Andrea and I will be hanging out as much as possible from now on, so our blog posts will hopefully come fast and furious as we share all our adventures and endeavours.

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “Reunion of Martandrea: Thus Food Ensues

  1. I wish I was your brain triplet so I could have come along and helped eat all that food!
    What a wonderful reunion. Things just unfolding randomly into a lovely way to spend time together.
    Did you get the book of Asimov essays???

    Liked by 1 person

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