Trampolines: Free Trial Fitness Class at Montreal’s House of Bounce

Not too long ago, a friend of mine suggested I come with her to try out a trampoline fitness class at House of Bounce in Montreal.

A fitness class on a trampoline? I thought. Hellz to the yes. 

I ended up going today after work, my exercise gear all packed and ready in my bag. It was a bit of a tight schedule since the class started at 5:30 and I finished at 5, but I made it with time to spare.

We got on our trampolines and in no time were bouncing away to the beat.

It became obvious quite quickly that although it sounds like fun (and indeed it is!), it’s still a pretty hardcore workout. The purpose of the class is to bounce in time to the rhythm of the music, but I found myself to be the syncopated member of the bunch, barely able to keep up after even the first 15 minutes.

Me losing the beat on the trampoline.

Even going at my own plodding pace, it was a hefty workout – all curated with an awesomely pumped up playlist that still managed to make my feet itch to dance despite all my muscles quietly screaming.

I had figured it to be a class that only really does cardio, but I was well surprised to discover how many areas of the body you were actually working out. Your heart for sure, but also, legs, arms and core in a big way.

At the end, we had a nice cool down and even a bit of yoga to stretch out all our weary muscles. I haven’t felt such relief as I did then lying down and resting for a few minutes in the blasting cold of the air conditioned studio.

I honestly don’t know if I’m up to going regularly – what with waking up at 6am, going for work for 8 hours, and then running to the class only to get home at 8pm with the commute – but I had a ton of fun. It’s definitely an amazing class if you want someone to kick you in the butt – or if you’re just tired of how boring the gym gets. And, as our instructor said, you’re burning 3x the calories you would jogging.

If you’re in the Montreal area and interested in giving this a shot yourself, you can sign up for a free trial class (which is what I did today). They’re also having a Groupon for the summer where you get 10 classes for $50 (really great considering that usually costs $150).

Now let’s just see how much my body aches tomorrow morning…

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