Time Travel: Looking Back At Past Travels

Now I realize I’ve just started the post series “Montreal Sundry”, but lately I’m feeling ambitious. Not to mention full of wanderlust.

Thus I’m going to introduce another casual series of posts as well: “Time Travel”, or looking back at my travels from before I started this blog (and possibly catching up on stuff I meant to but never did post about from South Korea).

I’m going to start with my adventures on a two-week trip to Vancouver in 2012, and hopefully after that look back at my five months studying abroad in Australia in 2011.

2011 BC Road Trip View of Mountains Straight Down Highway
Driving down the highway through the Rockies, BC.

Due to the fact that this was 4 and 5 years ago, I can’t promise that all the places/activities I mention are still up and running. If there’s one thing travel teaches you, it’s that the world keeps on turning wherever you are and aren’t. Stuff changes at an alarming rate.

That said, what I really want to share above all else is what it was like to be in those places: walk around, explore, and just experience the things they had to offer. Plus it’ll keep things interesting and fresh on the blog instead of me talking about the same old goings on at home. (I mean there’s only so often I can praise the Trans Canada Trail and Quebec strawberries, majestic as they may be).

So anticipate me throwing a couple of posts like this into the mix, but don’t get too excited if you see places like “British Columbia” or “Wollongong” or “Melbourne” thrown out there, because I’m still here in Chambly for the time being 😉

As always, I’m curious to know what you think of these posts so feel free to leave some comments.

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “Time Travel: Looking Back At Past Travels

  1. Sounds like this will be fun! Because if there’s one thing travelers like doing it’s reminiscing and chatting about places they’ve been. It’s about sharing journeys in every way, shape and form. So glad you share with us.

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