Listening to Your Body


Some days you manage to pack everything in and roll through your schedule like a bowling ball’s strike.

Other days you fall asleep at 8pm whilst watching Adventure Time and wake up at 4am panicking that you missed your bus.

Needless to say, I did the latter last night.

I never wrote yesterday’s blog post, prepared my breakfast and lunch, or even (shudder) brushed my teeth. But you know what? I felt fricken amazing this morning. Yes, even at 4am. Because for a beautiful eight hour stretch, my body took the rest it needed and awakened refreshed.

Having been too exhausted to get up at quarter to six most mornings, I’ve been saving my running for the weekends. Not great, I know: I do try to keep consistent, but it’s been a rough transition trying to find a schedule that works for me.

Thus, up at an obscenely early bird hour anyways, I took advantage of the time to jog into the sunrise.

Sunrise over Chambly this morning.

I was worried I’d feel off all day from the variance in sleeping hours, but nope. Just goes to show that listening to your body is important – it usually knows what it needs.

And not only on sleep either: I’ve done the first week’s worth of the Couch 2 5K program twice (so six runs jogging for one minute at a time with 1.5 minute breaks in between), and I finally feel like I need to level up. It’s nice to feel yourself getting stronger, your heartbeat grow more regular.

So again, my body knows it’s time for a bigger challenge. That said, I’m glad I’ve been taking it slow with this particular realm of fitness. It feels nice to be patient with myself for a change so I can appreciate the progress.

On other progressive notes, I got five whole commissions today at work – three more than my previous best day. So celebrations for improvements all across the board! Maybe I’ll reward myself with another early night…

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