Canada Day! (aka Moving Day in Quebec)

Happy Canada Day, you hosers!

149 years ago, this vast nation of beavers, maple trees, and tundra officially became Canada. For most, this means fireworks, barbecues, and red and white festivities.

For Quebec, however, Canada Day is just Moving Day.

Just some of the moving trucks I saw on my run this morning.

Given that Quebecers celebrate their own “Fête Nationale” just one week before July 1st, it makes sense that the actual national holiday would get snubbed. Removing the semantics of the day, it makes sense to use the second three day weekend in a row to get a job as big as moving done.

That said, it’s a little anticlimactic here if you’re expecting anything other than angry French swearing as someone drops a couch on another person’s toe. (Or angry French swearing at you to speak French when they overhear you speaking English).

I used to be sad that we didn’t celebrate, but back in 2013 I went to Ottawa with Andrea on July 1st and we both agreed that it was way too keen.

Yay I’m a maple leaf!!

The skies vomited red and white confetti; preppy college kids everywhere had painted their skin with maple leaves; booming music drew crowds to every street corner where traffic came to a standstill.

It was horrible.

We retreated backwards in slow deliberate steps and then hightailed it back to Montreal less than an hour after arriving. Too much patriotism apparently makes us uncomfortable. Which is strange because I get super nostalgic about celebrating when abroad!

But that is just my own personal quirk. To all you Canadians partying hard and bearing the proud red pointed leaf, I raise my drink in your general direction!

Have yourselves a lovely holiday : )

2 thoughts on “Canada Day! (aka Moving Day in Quebec)

  1. As they say here at the office from where I work, “Bonne Fête” et Bon Weekend de bière et déménagement.

    Bonne bière, oops, bonne fête du Canada a tous !

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