On my way back from a bike ride today, I saw that Chambly’s public pool was open.

It being bright, sunny, and the perfect sort of golden summer afternoon that is complimented so well by a dip in the water, I convinced my mom to join me when I got home.

Chambly’s public pool.

I used to absolutely live in this pool in my childhood summers. It might not have been the very first place I swam, but I credit all my swimming abilities to the hours spent paddling from end to end and cannonballing into the deep end.

Complete with slides, diving boards, and a sectioned off lane for laps, it’s got everything. Even a charming mini water park for the kids who want to cool off but don’t know how to swim in the deep areas.

Pint-sized water park for the really young kids.

After 3pm when the day camp kids leave, it’s as quiet as could possibly be for a public pool. I remember times when no one was there aside from my family and I. If today was any indicator of how crowded it’ll be over the next few months, then I think it’s safe to say it’ll be very quiet and pleasant indeed.


I’ve been doing a lot of jogging and biking, and while both those are great for working out my lower half (much needed), I haven’t been doing a lot with my upper body. So I’m thinking I’m going to add swimming to my repertoire and get a membership for the season (a bargain at only $35).

If nothing else, it would be lovely to have access to a pool so near and so cheap – even if I just want to spend the afternoon lying on a towel reading a book.

For anyone hoping to come from out of town, it’s a little more expensive without the Chambly access card, but you’re still welcome. Great way to finish the day if you spend the morning cycling along the Trans Canada Trail!

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