Montreal Sundry: Pianos Around Town

If I had to praise Montreal for one thing, it would be its creativity. It seems like anyone you talk to is working on a project – be it in visual arts, film, writing, theatre, or music.

Just to emphasize this, the city puts out several artistic installations around the city for free use. One of my favourites is a series of pianos set up across town that anyone can use. What’s even more wonderful than having them is that people genuinely do play them.

Montreal public pianos.

The one above is set in the heart of Concordia University’s downtown campus. There’s nothing lovelier than when you’re passing by to the soundtrack of live, spontaneous music.

They of course have to get taken indoors during the harsh winters, but I love that Montreal celebrates the short summers we have so thoroughly to make up for the cold months.

If you’re a creative soul, summertime Montreal should definitely be on your bucket list.

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