Arrival of Pathfinder (Warning: Geeking Ahead)

When in Korea, Ricky and I managed to amass a Dungeons and Dragons group. I’d never played D&D before, nor any other Role Playing Game, but I was keen to try.

I’m so glad I did.

Not only did we find the best Dungeon Master (incidentally one whose wife made the most amazing food that she generously shared with us on several occasions), but I in turn found my now raging love of RPGs.

Homemade soup and D&D character sheets: best combo.

Although we didn’t keep our game going for very long, what with our group dissolving after some members moved schools/jobs/countries, I kept in touch with our Dungeon Master (DM) and have since been getting regular tips about how to DM myself (also how to train myself for jogging as he’s the one who put me onto Couch 2 5K).

I’ve been watching some good YouTube channels at his recommendation (notably Being Everything Else), and have been psyched for some time to try being not only a DM but a GM (Game Master) for other RPGs. Aside from Dungeons and Dragons, you can play in other manufactured fantasy worlds, science fiction scapes, cyberpunk futures, spiritual reimaginings of First Nations mythos…and that’s not even to mention all the playable universes that already exist like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

Totally nerdgasming here, but bear with me.

What seems like forever ago (although which was probably only January/February), Humble Bundle was having an amazing sale on Pathfinder, a fantasy based RPG. A lot of games have free PDFs to set up the very basics of their rules, but there are a lot of other resources that you need to flesh out the world that have to be paid for (ex. Bestiaries, Mythology, Premade Adventures). The PDFs aren’t usually priced too high, but as soon as you get into the books, you skyrocket from prices like $14.99 to $74.99 apiece. They include a lot of glossy, colour printing in there, so you can’t blame them, but still. It’s fairly out of budget to get one let alone a whole set.

Every book is fully illustrated with custom made artwork to bring life to the world you’ll be playing in (above image from “Pathfinder: Hero’s Handbook”).

So when Humble Bundle was having a sale on Pathfinder for only $25 that included all associated PDFs and a Beginner Box loaded with the physical books, cardboard tokens, game mat, and a set of dice…well I jumped on it. Or more like pounced.

A lot of people did just that, however, so shipping time was estimated for mid-July.

With much patience I waited.

Then last week I was notified that my order had finally been boxed and mailed out. I’ve been looking forward to it so much that yesterday morning the doorbell rang and I leapt to the porch only to discover two Jehovah’s Witnesses looking surprised at my enthusiasm.

But today when the doorbell rang, I knew it had to be my package.

Indeed, I got to the door and there it was.

I wasted no time tearing it open and ogling all the contents.

So much geek! Geek everywhere!!

Now all I need is a crew who’s willing to let me use them as guinea pigs as I figure out how to be a GM. I’ve slowly been coaxing people into the idea, but I’m hoping that I can get in a good few months worth of gaming before I leave Canada.

It’s also perfect timing because it’s Montreal Comic Con this weekend (squeals in excitement), and I’m a big keener to check out their tabletop games area. I’ve never explored this niche of geekery before at a Con, so I’m excited to see what they have to offer and if I can pick up any tips.

If all goes well, I can take these GM skills around the world with me and cultivate my very own band of adventurers wherever I go…

Any RPG gamers out there who want to share tips, advice, or favourite games?

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