Jogging Into Week Three

If you’ve been following my posts, you probably know that I’ve been running for longer than three weeks now. I’ve been using the wondrous Couch 2 5K app that trains you slowly with increments of endurance every week, which has motivated me to chew up the pavement roads in front of me for the past two months now.

Jogging along Chambly’s suburban streets under blazing blue skies.

That said, I’m taking it really slow. I’m trusting my body and only leveling up when I’ve found I need more of a challenge than my current level.

So this week I’ve finally got to level 3 (or week 3) of the training program which has me running for three minutes at a time non stop.

I know this isn’t spectacular to most – and is downright embarrassing to admit as a feat if you’re a seasoned, fit athlete yourself reading this, but what I actually wanted to post about was more how excited I still am about running after all this time to make me this enthusiastic.

Usually I’m the type to either get bored and lose interest, or feel it’s not worth the learning curve. Instead, I’m thoroughly enjoying the activity more and more each time I go. I’ve been really stressed these last many weeks and for me my time running is half an hour put aside just for me to escape. And unlike indulging in binge-TV shows, I’m doing something productive – thus no guilt about spending a lot of time on it.

It’s still a challenge, but one I now look forward to instead of dread; an activity I prepare for and execute without delay instead of procrastinate over. Never thought I’d be one to genuinely enjoy this, but I can never wait until I can go running again.

Here’s to the next many kilometers tackled! I look forward to every step.

4 thoughts on “Jogging Into Week Three

  1. That’s kinda, sorta, a runner’s high, which is an excellent place to be … an totally momentum building. My progress was stopped for a couple of reasons, so I have to try to re-reach my personal plateau.

    Keep on keeping on.

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