Kimchi Grilled Cheese: A Food Fusion Love Story

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: positively one of the best reasons to travel is for the food.

I may have left Korea fed up with the homogeneous cuisine, but since leaving I’ve craved it real bad. I’ve recreated many meals (often with the help of Ricky), although I’ve found it’s neither often enough, nor feasible to make all the time (props to all Koreans who have the patience for such prep work).

One thing that I can buy as is though is kimchi. It stinks up the fridge, but boy is it addictive.

As here it’s not accompanied by its normal assortment of bulgogi, bibimbap, samgyeopsal, and other Korean dishes, I’ve had to be creative with my methods of eating it. One such glorious meal my gustatory exploration has birthed is the kimchi grilled cheese.

First, you need to have a nice cheddar or red leiscester that’ll give a hearty bite and also comes away in stretchy pulls. Then the kimchi. Then more cheese.

You want to grill it on a lower heat than you normally would so that the cheese gets properly gooey and the kimchi gets nice and warm (covering it with a lid a minute before taking it out of the pan gives this bonus).

The warm kimchi is less vinegary and spicy than when cold so is good if those are usually reasons you don’t like it. But the cheese with the spicy that remains? Hands down one of my new all time favourite comfort foods.

Ends up looking a little like this.

It’s not exactly on my healthy list, but I like to argue that the added benefits of the kimchi redeem it in the laws of nutrition.

Had I never traveled to Korea, this beautiful food love child would never have been born, and my life would have been that much more empty.

Do you guys have any food fusion tales you care to share?

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