Garden Hammock

Yesterday my mom set up a hammock in the garden, and it’s so lovely that it deserves mention here. Not only because it’s a fricken hammock (I mean, does life get better than that?), but also to showcase how lovely Canadian summer can be.

Photo credit: Belinda

Most of the time people associate Canada with winter. To be fair, I do my part in perpetuating this image, never losing an opportunity to describe our -45°C January’s and monster blizzard-ice-storms.

But come summer, you’re looking at +45°C. Not always, but certainly when the humidity kicks in. Case in point, yesterday would have been 32°C, but ended up 42°C because the air decided to be drinkable instead of breathable.

I don’t mind the heat too much anymore after living in Korea, so for me yesterday was great. Hammock, book, shade. Perfection.

Plus the garden is a lush jungle at the moment. That’s another one of my favourite things about Canada. The growing season is so short that the plants grow as fierce as if their sprinklers were raining down steroids.

My mom definitely deserves a shout out to both the cultivation of this little patch of wilderness as well as the choice of hammock. Thanks ♡

Where’s your favourite place to spend summer?

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