Le Monde en Fête: Chambly’s Neighbourhood Festivals

If you know me, you’ll also know that I knock the town I live in for being both in the middle of nowhere and kinda boring.

Mostly this comes from being super lonely.

Especially working from home, these are my feels. (Photo cred: popped up randomly on Facebook newsfeed – let me know if you know where it’s from!)

Since coming home last summer, however, and going with Ricky to all the new restaurants, bars, and cute little shops that have opened up recently, I’ve changed my tune somewhat.

Not only are there nice restaurants and shops now, but we suddenly are host to all nature of festivals. Artistes sur le champFestibière (or Bières et Saveurs), loads of outdoor concerts…I mean, check out this list of events and you’ll see they’re not messing around.

2015 Chambly Anniversary Mom at Her Booth small
My mom at last year’s Artistes sur le champ festival at Fort Chambly (2015).

I also happened to come across something altogether different entirely by accident this July.

My relatives from Vienna came to visit this year, and whilst enjoying a hot day at the pool, we saw there was some kind of festival going on in the nearby field.


Chambly en fête: world festival theme.

Our neighbour, who we had run into, told us that it was part of this summer festival going on called Le monde en fête (direct translation “the world in celebration”). The theme: cultures around the world. Every week was a different country in a different district of town.

Western themed festival!

The one we went to was “Western Rodeo”, but they also had Chinese New Year, African safari, Venetian masquerade, and a traditional carnival.

It was definitely aimed at kids, but I found infinite happiness there too as soon as I saw they had a petting zoo with an alpaca.

Pig for Ricky! 😀
Turtle doves!!

What’s more, they had tiny bunnies, chicks, and guinea pigs to cuddle

Petting zoo full of adorable balls of fur with eyes.

Poor things looked like they would very much prefer to be left alone.

Looking a little harassed…

Aside from the animals, there were tons of activities going on.

Reading tents, arts and crafts, face painting – even archery!

Seriously awesome. Kind of wish I’d given it a try.

And a giant chess board for some reason although I didn’t really grasp the tie in with rodeos…

Even cowboys need logic, I suppose.

They even had a stage where gumboot dancers gave a performance.

Gumboots dancers.

And of course, pony rides.


It was such a cool and different thing to happen here in Chambly. A really lovely surprise to come across.

I was really sad I couldn’t make it to the other theme days, but it was definitely a great one to go to. My Austrian family was certainly thrilled!

So clearly Chambly is turning into the place to be.

Stay tuned for this year’s Artistes sur le champ as well – and maybe a few restaurant reviews of some of my new favourite local dives.

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