You might not think it, what with being so far North, but Montreal actually has a microclimate. Something about the warmer wind currents being pushed up from the South (meaning we get heaps of thunderstorms and the tail end of hurricanes come August).

In any case, it means that a lot of foods you might not think would do well here flourish.

Prime example: pears.


That picture comes from my own mother’s pear tree. All natural. Organic. Dissolve-in-your-mouth sweet.

I can’t say pears are my favourite, but this is the one time a year I’ll eat one with gusto. There’s something so down to earth about harvesting your own crop you’ve watched grow from blossom to fruit.


Although I’m always sad to see summer go, I adore autumn. I have plenty more posts to put up from over the summer, but I wanted to welcome in the season with these beauties before I get too far behind.

And speaking of successful summer bounty, my rhubarb plant did not meet with similar luck. In fact there’s nothing left of Randy at all for me to even take a picture of to show my failure at caring for him. Although to give an idea, this picture was from about a week after I got him…

Poor Randy the rhubarb…

Guess I’m pretty useless at putting down roots.

Anyhow, I wish upon you all much pie, tea, and cozy cardigans.

Until next time!

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