Top 100 Teachers’ Competition!

Guys!! I’m in a teaching competition for the company I work for – and I made it to the top 100!!!

I haven’t updated about work in a while, but long story short, I love it. It’s amazing and better than anything I could have hoped for. One of the many reasons for this is how much support and appreciation they give us teachers.

To give us an opportunity to “let our colours burst”, they’re having this teaching competition. We all submitted entries to the first round, which was meant to be a video showcasing a talent that we had. I kind of combo’d drawing with some ukulele!

Then, if we made the top 100 cut, we had to make a second video of a mini teaching lesson. I was positively giddy when they told me I made it to the second round! I wasn’t too sure what to teach in limit of 3 minutes, but I wanted to continue my animal theme.

It happened that I had a convenient trip to the zoo planned, so I made use of my time there to get some good creature footage. My love of travel sort of leaked in as well, and this happened…

It’s now in the final throes of the competition! The voting has been fierce and I’d super duper uber appreciate it if you went to vote for me on Facebook by hitting “like” on the official PageClick here for the link~ (you may have to scroll for a while – or if you can figure out how to ctrl+f my name that might make it easier!).

[EDIT: here’s the direct link to where to vote! Give the post a like! ]

Voting is only for these three days so like and share and spam as much as you feel morally able to do!!

You guys are awesome! ❤

And of course I’ll keep you updated as soon as I hear anything back ^ ^


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