First Snow and A Fun Fact About Laundry

If there’s anything Game of Thrones has taught me, it’s that a long summer means an even longer winter.

Certainly this seems to hold true with all the reports of this winter saying it’s going to be a particularly bad one, but until recently it’s been an extremely mild autumn. November has almost passed and the weather seemed to barely dip below 9 or 10 degrees.

That is until a few days ago when we had our first snowstorm.

Usually we get a couple of snowfalls before it actually sticks, but the weather turned full blizzard Sunday and lasted well into the night. By the time I woke up on Monday, it had coated everything in a picture perfect winter wonderland.

First sight in the morning from my bedroom window.

I was pretty excited and took a bunch of photos before warming up with some tea.

Opened the front door to this beautiful sight.
When leaving your house feels like entering Narnia…
There’s even a lantern! I swear it’s Narnia…
Magical winter porch and the last of yellow autumn clinging to the trees.

I needed to go around and look for some display pieces for my upcoming craft show (more on that to come!), so took the afternoon to tour some thrift shops in Chambly.

In reality, this was just an excuse to look at more beautiful snow. Funny how when you’re not forced to commute through it, winter is actually very enticing to experience…

One of the older houses in Chambly looking as lovely and traditional as gingerbread.
Snow-lined streets.
L’Atelier Vintage, my favourite antique shop in Chambly (although unfortunately closed when I went).
Other small businesses in Chambly looking adorable and bright in the snow.
Icicles and stuff.

I also happened to see someone’s line of clothes still out to dry and covered in snow – which made me think of an interesting fact I wanted to share.

Laundry on a line, Canada style.

Nowadays it’s less applicable because of drying machines and indoor heating, but what did people used to do in winter when those weren’t available and they needed to dry their clothes after a wash?

They would hang them outside to freeze and, after a day or two, knock all the ice out of them. Bring them in, warm them up, and you have dry clothes!

Think I prefer dryers all the same…

Anyway, that was my snowy Chambly adventure! How do you feel about winter’s arrival?

10 thoughts on “First Snow and A Fun Fact About Laundry

  1. Love the photos!
    And you usually had to iron the clothes you brought in because they were like cardboard. Towel would be so rough otherwise. So I used to iron towels and underwear to make them bearable. More work.

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  2. Winter is charmingly pretty and I like the crispness of the air, but I don’t care for it when it gets bitterly cold. Winter does last a bit too long though, a month less would be fine with me.

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