Where Has the Year Gone!

I’ve increasingly had the sensation of something prodding me in the small of my back, looking over my shoulder as I scroll through Pinterest on my phone, and glaring at me from my peripheries.

“You should be blogging,” it whispers. “The year is almost halfway over.”

Each time, I flick the thought away with an “I’m busy” or often an “I swear I’m not only on Pinterest, I’ve been doing lots of productive things otherwise”.

Busy doing lots of art – from my month of printmaking in February.

It crosses it’s arms, throws one leg over its knee, and jiggles its foot while waiting.

Well, Guilt, here I am. Finally back. Finally sitting in front of my computer after having hit “New Post” and letting the sweet words flow from my fingertips.

So what’s been going on?

My online teaching gig is keeping me preoccupied as ever; I’ve been doing lots of art; in the month of February I did a 15 prints in 30 days challenge (and succeeded!); I’ve been to the UK and back again; I cut off over a foot of my hair; a few days ago I successfully found an apartment in Montreal that I’ll be moving into with a good friend; and on Wednesday I start motorcycle lessons.

Oh and I finally put in an application to renew my medicare card. Kinda dropped the ball on that one (for almost an entire year)…

Roses in full bloom in a Canterbury park.

Most of this has come about from my New Year’s Resolution (still on that bandwagon, baby!) which was to be more assertive and decisive.

While I have good follow through on a lot of larger life decisions (studying abroad in Australia, moving to South Korea, stubbornly living life as a struggling artist and perpetual shoestring traveler), for most other things I would sit on the fence until the cows come home given half a chance.

Should I move out? What should I have for lunch? Should I get a second job? How should I do my hair? When is a good time to rebrand and make new business cards? What should I draw next? What should I watch next? Podcast or audiobook? Or maybe music?

Maybe I’ll just check my phone notifications until I think of something…

The solution: make elaborate lunches and feel accomplished about the day.

The horror of realizing an hour or more has passed whilst I’ve continued to dither about options is shrivelling.

As New Year’s Resolutions are all about better habit forming, I figured what better year than 2017 to work on it? With world politics in the state they’re in, it’s clear we’ve got to have some level headed decisive thinking going on or before I know it all hell will have broken loose while I’m debating the type of salami to put in my sandwich.

In any case, my assertive decisiveness has at last found its way back to my blog. It’ll be an interesting year for it. I’ve already got some travel in – not only to the UK but also to Toronto, so there will definitely be some tourist jazz on here with things to do and sights to see.

For the most part though I’m excited to focus on Montreal and what it’s like to actually live in the city full time (I’m in Chambly so it doesn’t count). Considering I try to convince everyone I meet (even if only for five minutes) that they should go to/straight up move to Montreal, I’m a bit of a hypocrite for never having been there longer than a week at a time. It’s the least I can do to do some ground research and start laying down some hard facts about why it’s awesome.

Of course I will also be putting up my art in all its various forms and projects. I’m secretly quite pleased with my recent experiments in printmaking, watercolour, and calligraphy drawing ink. Hopefully I’ll even get some prints of my travel paintings up for sale! Some of my originals have already been snatched up, meaning I will be a little bit less of a starving artist this month. Great success!

Sketch of the Marlowe Arcade in Canterbury. Just painted it today so standby for finished piece!

So in short, watch out for some awesome new posts coming up. I’m also going to try to get Andrea to post some stuff too because currently she’s actually having a real Down from the Door adventure in Costa Rica on a butterfly farm and tree frog conservatory. She has some crazy pictures of her feet all ballooned out from the mosquitoes on steroids they got going down in Central America.

So, Guilt, are you sated?

I’ve got a sigh and a shrug from my peripheral vision, so I’m taking that as a yes and calling it a night.

À la prochaine!

6 thoughts on “Where Has the Year Gone!

  1. Guilt may not be satisfied, but I certainly am happy to be reading another post! I’ve missed these. Very much hoping to see some details on the British events of the last journey!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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