Welcome! Bienvenue! Bienvenida! Willkommen! Hwanyeong hamnida!

This is the digital melding-place of your one and only brain twins, who shall henceforth be known solely by their portmanteau, Martandrea.

In an attempt to scratch our itching travel-bug bites, we two hobbity ladies decided to step down from the door to traverse the world. Born and bred Canadians, we left our respective hometowns (of the Montreal vicinity) and applied to teach English abroad in South Korea in September of 2013. Since then, we’ve traveled to Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Cambodia – and have even gone back to visit our homeland.

It was when we first made the decision to teach abroad that we also decided to keep a travel log of our adventures. Our aim was to portray a bread-and-butter, honest, day-to-day experience of what it’s like to live abroad and teach English. In other words show the good, the bad, and the ugly – the exciting travel adventures as well as all the mundane things you get used to once the glamour of living in a foreign country wears off.

Since we taught in different provinces (Andrea in Gangwon and Marta in Chungcheongbuk), our experiences have been somewhat different, and with these varying perspectives we hope to provide twice the pleasant reading material. And now that we’ve left Korea to pursue different adventures we hope to give even more insights to the world of living abroad! So drop by, leave a comment or two, and follow our adventures!

Yours truly,


Oh yeah, and we love to cosplay.
Oh yeah, and we love to cosplay.


Marta got her BA in Honours in English and Creative Writing at Montreal’s Concordia University where she became enraptured with Middle English, Victorian literature, and everything science fiction. She still devours books at an alarming rate and, being a huge word nerd, will play Boggle and Bananagrams at every opportunity. In her free time, she nurtures hobbies in photography and playing the ukulele, and does freelance art including running a column in the monthly online zine Precious Pets. While in South Korea, she worked at two elementary schools in the province of Chungcheongbuk-do where she was equally exasperated and amused by her students and tried to sneak in as many craft projects as the curriculum can handle. She’s currently hopping between the UK and Canada whilst waiting to join her partner, Ricky, in the former so that they can save some money and pursue more adventures in Southeast Asia. One day she is determined to be a famous author, but until then she drinks too many cups of white chai tea, is obsessed with indulging in excellent food, and daydreams of a life of travel. To see her art, check our her portfolio, or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Andrea also got her BA in Honours in English and Creative Writing at Montreal’s Concordia University where she indulged her love of literature, fantasy and science fiction by sitting starry-eyed in lectures for classes like, “Dystopian Fiction” and “Japanimation.” Turns out she’s less of a writer and more of a print artist, who spends most of her free time cutting eraser stamps and warbling to jazzy ukulele tunes. Photography is a growing source of inspiration, for her too. She used to be an English teacher in South Korea (via EPIK) who shuttled between 3 elementary schools and a middle school, but these days she’s a dedicated wanderer of the world (aka happily between jobs). Her next stop: Costa Rica! Until then, she spends her time sharpening her skills, getting back in touch with friends and family, and making good memories.

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      1. You can check my blog to see how many beautiful spots and great delectable prepared foods we have here (though I haven’t uploaded that much yet)! Feel free to visit soon!


  2. Hi! I’m not sure the best place to post this. When I stumbled across it the other day, I thought of your blog and your writing … meaning both of you. In recent years I’ve been reading more and more articles along this line – which I’ve been espousing and debating with “language experts” for about 40 years now. It’s kind of a “rules/smules” approach, within reason … well actually not within reason but with at least a tip of the hat to how words best convey ideas.

    Once again I find myself too short on time to respond at present to your postings. I read all of them. And I will get back to most of them. They are that good. Keep on bloggin’.


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