Letter No.1

[I wrote this letter during the last days of my time in EPIK. I thought I would never publish it, but now that my return home is on my doorstep, this feels more relevant than ever.] Dear Brain Twin, Here’s a modern, old-fashioned letter. Intercontinental epistolary, digitized and publicized, and given our frequent Kakao chitchats, … More Letter No.1

Korea: As It Stands

Because I haven’t been posting, I haven’t been documenting my feelings about being in Korea, work, travel, etc., so it’s going to be tough to summarize it all here without being too long or (frankly) boring. So thank you in advance, if you take the time to read this. Much like Marta, I’ve had some … More Korea: As It Stands

Crusty Soap

This is a post to continue on Marta’s soap gallery. I actually had been planning on writing a post called “Soaps I have Used” (to pair with “Metros I have Used“) buuuut then I didn’t really keep up with taking pictures…Here are three in order of worst to best (relatively). Keep in mind these are all … More Crusty Soap

Keeping Crafty: Pinch Pot part 2…And coiling!

Today was our third pottery lesson! Our pinched bowls have dried completely, which means they’re ready for sanding. They feel very dry, like a dusty chalkboard. The bowls will go through two firings before they’re finished. One, which will bake the clay completely and harden it, and the second which will melt and fuze the … More Keeping Crafty: Pinch Pot part 2…And coiling!